Jun 18

3 years of disgust for the now former Arska Slyna

Horray! Love me, hate me, wanna kill me, dont give a flying fuck. I have been celebrating every single day since October 1, 2012, which is quite possibly the best day in Nightwish history. The stupid Swede finally got sent packin’. That stupid bitch be gone!

Jun 24

I am apparently popular without a post… so here it is.

A curious thing has been happening for the last 3 or 4 hours. I keep getting notifications from Yahoo!, my e-mail provider stating that I have such-and-such person now following me.

I do not think Anette Olzon is the best person to be singing for Nightwish, and indeed, feel that the new album will blow because of the rush-job with vocals. She needs to prioritize things. Family comes before dream-jobs. Period. She could take a job sorting mail or actually GET that all-important degree in cosmotology and actually have proof that she’s a hairdresser/stylist as we’d call them here in the good ol’ US of A. Being a heavy metal musician is a difficult job, and is impossible to do when you don’t really give a damn for the music.

I know that I’m going to catch flack from Nightwish fans, but at this point, I’m beyond caring. I like OLD Nightwish, when the guys actually LOOKED like they enjoyed it, not this subpar, piss-poor excuse for what used to be my favorite band playing the same old songs onstage with an anorexic hasbeen.